Blogs We Like

I’ve been collecting great blog postings for ages now, and it’s high time I share a few of my faves.

Know any high school students who need to write a winning college entry exam? Here’s some advice from the Figarospeech blog.

English is a “magnificent bastard tongue” which has grown by absorbing words from other languages. Try this word/origin matching quiz from I only got 10/20, and I might have cheated a bit.

Another quiz from—this one is an English Language Trivia Quiz.

Where does English get its best new words? According the todaytranslations it’s the Simpsons with words like Doh!, introubulate, craptacular and eat my shorts. Doh! has its own entry in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Here’s a fun blog about English idioms—learn about the source and meaning of expressions like ‘pushing the envelope,’ ‘give a hoot,’ and ‘Potemkin Village.’