Writing Contest, March ’14





Feel like a challenge? See how plain you can make this legalese:

This is to certify that the undersigned guarantee to make good and/or replace if necessary, without cost to the Owner, any and all defects due to imperfect materials and/or workmanship which may appear in the above project during the period indicated below.

This guarantee excludes normal wear and tear, lamps, breakdown and/or failure resulting from lack of proper maintenance, willful damage, negligence, vandalism, acts of God or other like causes.

This guarantee excludes specified fixtures that become faulty due to manufacturing defects, (as it is the specification author that has the assurance of the manufacturer to stand behind their product.)

This guarantee is void should forces other than ours perform any work to or alter in any way the work provided by us under our contract, other than normal maintenance! Please contact the Contract Electrical Company to discuss extended warranty options and comprehensive preventative maintenance programs.

Guarantee Period: From July 2013 — July 2016

Signed: Contract Electrical Electrical Company

Send us (the committee) your revision either by leaving it as comment below OR send to me at jody@brunerbiz.com.

We’ll post the best entries, as always. Good luck!