Effective Business Writing

Improving your writing skills enhances your productivity and effectiveness: skilled writers can produce more effective documents in less time. Better letters and proposals mean stronger relationships with your customers and better internal communication means more effective and efficient decision-making.

This course shows you how to address the needs of your readers and teaches you how to write letters, emails, and short reports that are clear, concise and persuasive. The skills learned will immediately improve the productivity of writers and their readers.

Who Should Attend

This course is for anyone who writes letters, memos, emails or short reports. It’s ideal for groups with diverse needs.

You will learn how to

  • Follow a time-saving, four-step process
  • Draft quickly and easily—overcome writers’ block
  • Write powerful openings that draw the reader in and set the right tone
  • Layout your documents to improve clarity and readability
  • Write clear, concise sentences that positively reflect your organization’s culture and values
  • Motivate your reader by framing ideas as benefits
  • Identify and correct any grammar mistakes that erode your credibility
  • Use templates to structure letters and short, persuasive memos and email messages.

Our Approach

We recognize that people learn best by doing, and they do a lot in this course. It includes mini-lectures, small- and large-group discussions, games and lots of exercises. It is highly interactive to reinforce what is taught and includes peer editing in a non-threatening environment. Participants will have opportunities to write and revise about 100 sentences and several documents.

Course Length and Size

This is a two-day course. We recommend classes of about twelve people. This provides for healthy group interaction and allows for individual coaching when necessary.


“This course will help me create more reader-friendly, influencing emails. Gave me tricks on how to start and deal with mental blocks, mind mapping etc.” Maricar P, Trimark Investments

“Excellent! A great refresher on grammar and an exciting opportunity to learn to express myself in a positive, polite and professional way.” Ashley Mino-Alvarado, Sunquest Vacations

“Great—I really found it valuable and will use it in many forums moving forward (personal, professional, oral, academic) I liked the action plan, the puzzles, energizers—multi-faceted teaching! It’s great!” Brynn Winegard, Pfizer

“Amazing! You know your audience. This course gave me the tools to build some confidence in my writing.” Luke G, Ernst and Young

“Very good course. Teaches you to be positive, get to the point. Makes you think what the reader wants to read.” Matt Tarlton, JS Redpath