Email Essentials

Knowledge workers spend at least 25% of each day reading, writing and sending email. When used effectively, email is a powerful tool—it’s easy, fast, and convenient. Too often, however, its misuse results in lost productivity, miscommunication and frustration at best. At worst, a sensitive email that lands in the wrong inbox can mean public embarrassment, losing your job, even a lawsuit.

People need strategies for managing the volume of emails they receive each day. They need to know the etiquette of sending email courteously and respectfully. And they need to know how to write emails that are clear and readable.

Who should attend

This course will benefit anyone looking to gain control of the email they receive and become a more productive and effective email user.

You learn how to

  • Automatically sort your incoming email so you never feel swamped
  • Quickly file and retrieve important messages
  • Time activate emails
  • Choose the best medium—know when email is appropriate and when it isn’t
  • Be a courteous, responsible user by using email etiquette—understand the implications of your choices
  • Share time-saving conventions with your co-workers
  • Compose informative subject lines
  • Layout your message for clarity and readability
  • Match the tone to your reader
  • Write requests that are clear and to the point
  • Respond, even when the news is unwelcome
  • Write emails that build relationships, by using a positive, professional style

Our approach

This course is information-rich and practical, and is delivered in an interactive, non-threatening environment.

Course length and size

This half-day course works for even the busiest schedule, making it possible for your entire organization to attend. We recommend a maximum of 20 participants per class.


Participants receive a comprehensive workbook and a handy laminated tip sheet outlining email protocol.