Email Writing for Results

Thanks to email, everybody is writing more, both to internal and external readers. People need quick, simple strategies for writing clearer, friendlier messages and using email responsibly.

Email Writing for Results gives you the skills you need in a time frame you can afford.

As a result of this course, your email messages will be more effective, your productivity will improve and your customer relationships will be strengthened. Participants use the skills learned as soon as they leave the course.

Who Should Attend

This course benefits everyone who writes email—customer service representatives, administrative and clerical staff, sales people, managers and senior executives.

Participants learn how to

  • Determine when email is appropriate
  • Write an engaging opening that gets to the point fast
  • Write informative subject lines so your messages get read first
  • Use a friendly, readable style
  • Layout your message to enhance readability
  • Be positive: avoid negative triggers that could result in FLAMING
  • Energize your writing by cutting unnecessary fat
  • Use email etiquette to gain credibility

Our Approach

This course is information-rich and practical, and is delivered in a highly interactive, fun, and non-threatening environment.

Course Length And Size

This half-day course works for even the busiest schedule, making it possible for your entire organization to attend. We recommend a maximum of 20 participants per class.


“Excellent course and should be MANDATORY for all level of staff that has access to email.” Neil Messias, Moneris Solutions

“Very informative—showed me a lot of things I’ve been doing wrong.” Stephanie. J Rensburg, Aon Reed Stenhouse

“The program covered many obstacles we each face. It will help me through my daily emails—enjoyed group and individual exercises.” Suelyn Bloye, DelSuites Inc.