Reading Email

The average office worker receives over 600 emails a week. Many of us are drowning in bottomless inboxes. This results in lost productivity and feeling overwhelmed.

Wouldn’t you love to have an inbox you can see the bottom of? This course teaches you how to clean up your inbox and easy strategies for keeping it clean. Imagine being able to quickly file and retrieve important messages. Even better, imagine using your email software to help you do these tasks.

Who Should Attend

This course will benefit you if you are looking to gain control of the volume of email you receive

What You Will Learn

  • Automatically sort your incoming email so you never feel swamped
  • Quickly file and retrieve important messages
  • Time activate emails

Our Approach

This course is information-rich and practical, and is delivered in an interactive, non-threatening environment. Participants practice cleaning out a typical inbox.

Course Length and Size

This 1.5 hour course works for even the busiest schedule, making it possible for your entire organization to attend.


Participants receive a comprehensive workbook/handbook.