Report and Proposal Writing

Good reports and proposals succeed by enabling decision makers to make the best decisions. This course provides strategies and techniques to ensure your reports, feasibility studies, proposals and business plans are clear, concise, and persuasive.

Who should attend

Anyone who writes reports, proposals, business cases, documentation,or briefing notes. It’s ideal for people who need to write complex documents that are clear, readable and persuasive.

Participants learn how to

  • Understand and follow the steps of the writing process
  • Write an effective and complete executive summary
  • Organize information into logical sections
  • Present ideas persuasively
  • Compose in a concise, engaging style
  • Use headings and lists to increase clarity
  • Present facts and figures, and technical material in an interesting way
  • Write clear, persuasive recommendations and reports

Our approach

This course is interactive and practical. Participants have many opportunities to work alone and in small groups. There is plenty of small and large-group discussion, and very little lecturing.

We recognize that participants learn by doing, and they do a lot in this course. Participants will have opportunities to revise about 100 sentences and several documents we provide; wherever possible, they self- and peer-edit their own documents.

Course length and size

This can be run as a 1.5- or 2-day course. We recommend classes of about twelve people. This encourages healthy group interaction and allows for individual coaching when necessary.


“Very useful–some excellent tips. Can you mandate this for all our report writers?” Christina Lee, Town of Newmarket

“Very informative. Provided great insight on how to develop a report that the audience wants to read.” Kevin Shaw, CGS

“A great, simple approach to report writing. The handbook will become a bible for me.” Rob Quinton, Manulife Financial

“The format the material was presented in was easy to follow and kept me engaged. The amount of time we spent on powerpoint vs activities vs instructor speaking was perfect.” Margaret Clarke, Manulife Financial