Writing for the Web

Many writers who create text for their Internet or Intranet sites are pretty good at writing for paper. Too often, they use print-based strategies that fall short on the screen. Web writers need to remember that their readers are the most impatient and purposeful of all. Effective web writing is clear, scannable and concise.

Who Should Attend

This course will benefit everyone who generates website content.

Participants Learn How To

  • Analyze web readers and understand what they need
  • Plan content logically
  • Use signposts to orient and direct readers
  • Make text scannable
  • Write headings that are informative
  • Energize your writing by getting rid of unnecessary fat
  • Use simple language to create a friendly tone
  • Use the active voice to add clarity and interest

Our Approach

This course is information-rich and practical, and is delivered in a highly interactive, fun, and non-threatening environment.

Course Length And Size

This one-day course works for even the busiest schedule, making it possible for your entire organization to attend. We recommend a maximum of 12 participants per class.

We recommend holding the course in a computer lab so participants can spend time working on their own websites.