Email Etiquette

Are you bombarded by email? Wouldn’t it be nice if every email you received was targeted, purposeful and courteous? Wouldn’t you be happy if every email you got had an informative subject line and you could just scan your inbox to see the gist of each message waiting for your attention?

Email is so easy to send that many people send way too many, way too often, with too little care or respect. This course teaches you how to use email with courtesy and professionalism. It lays out the principles of email etiquette.

Who Should Attend

This course benefits anyone looking to gain and show respect by sending emails with courtesy and professionalism.

What You Will Learn

How to

  • Choose the best medium—know when email is appropriate and when it isn’t
  • Be a courteous, responsible user by understanding the implications of your choices
  • Share time-saving conventions with your co-workers
  • Compose informative subject lines
  • Layout your message for clarity and readability

Our Approach

This course is information-rich and practical, and is delivered in an interactive, non-threatening environment.

Course Length and Size

This 1.5 hour course works for even the busiest schedule, making it possible for your entire organization to attend.


Participants receive a reference book/workbook and a handy laminated tip sheet outlining email protocol.